~ Caligula Fatigue ~ Haiku Rants ~

Since January 21, 2017 I have been writing observations and reactions to the news in my country. Reading and hearing the accounts has been emotionally draining, and I found the best remedy for my ire was to distill my incredulity into this series of haiku comments.  As I’m sure the rancid poison (aka the truth) will continue its inexorable journey out of the mud and into the light of day, I suspect I’ll sometimes need to have my seventeen syllable rants — I’m also ready to focus on the sunnier side of my life for balance and sanity!


strap on polygraph

when the needle tells the truth

he will claim it’s rigged


exonerated —

not innocent not excused

not by a long shot


“excuses caucus”

note his inexperience

facts get in their way


they will prop him up

his impotence established

he must obey them


wheels keep on turning

more wrestling in mud ahead

time for a breather




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