~ Thursday Thoughts ~ Haiku ~ Caligula is Caligula ~


flops mount guilt glows

firings and sidetracking swell

coil of truth tightens



when matters big-time

his fingerprints everywhere

(eager conniver)


hoodwinks through it all

every day cutting-edge lies

his sole strategy



his own TV news

blueprint of propaganda

‘our taxes at work’



two daily dossier

specially selected snips

(not quite top secret)


folders filled with praise

fawning tweets – upbeat headlines

‘All Things Admiring’


any piece of dreck

acclaiming his worthiness —

his leader-like looks


hog-trough delivered

appetite appeased for now

ego gorge goes on



two hundred two days

fifty spent at golf courses

(such a heavy lift)


8/12/17 —  8/13/17

profane ignorance

invades — torches Charlottesville

more poison hatching


his base shows their face

shameless-evil resurrects

feels free to spill blood


devoid of ethics

unwilling to offend base

he blames ‘many sides’



lazy-brained impulse

indelible imprint burned

in stark black and white



alive we turn to face you

and you have no clothes.






no mea culpa

utters cold passionless speech

pure duplicity



moral order dead

after years wilting on vine

leadership bankrupt


anxious and empty

his ruse as leader now sealed

we yearn for release


poison is hatching

independent counsel M

extracts from the muck

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4 Responses to ~ Thursday Thoughts ~ Haiku ~ Caligula is Caligula ~

  1. Donald is quite the nightmare and the big black hole that will consume us all if he is not stopped!

  2. Lindy Le Coq says:

    CEO’s of powerful businesses are rejecting him.
    It’s up to the GOP to right the wrong — “always in motion is the future.” Yoda

  3. I hope so, but they probably won’t right the wrong; they are used to being manipulated!

  4. Lindy Le Coq says:

    I applaud any and all who take a stand for right, nevertheless!

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