~ Thursday Thoughts: “A House Divided” ~

blames, blasphemes ally

your fault — you should have saved me!

falls on wary ears


politics tricky

adapt or perish in swamp

crocodiles circle


in over his head

sinking he thrashes and flails

as lifelines withdraw


rewrite history

quote speech verbatim (except)

the most crucial words



bad blood flows freely

snap go teeth of swamp critters

…moving right along…


divisions deepen

snaky snarky stabs cleave core

carve path toward split


“a house divided

cannot endure half and half

must become one thing,

all one thing or all

the other.” Which will it be —

“all slave or all free”?  Abraham Lincoln


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3 Responses to ~ Thursday Thoughts: “A House Divided” ~

  1. I hope Caligula doesn’t destroy us all with all of his insanity, bombs, and divisiveness!

  2. Tiny says:

    Well said and timely.

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