~ Thursday Thoughts ~ Rat-King Ruse ~


Choreography of Disorientation – Roger Cohen NYTimes Op-ed

“truth and falsehood vie

remember: freedom requires 

distinction between —


fake scripted mouthpiece

genuine unscripted voice

take turns to confuse


intentional ruse

messes with minds — feeds anger

fuels his ambition


dishonest leader —

calls media dishonest

— for exposing him.”


8/26/17 – 8/28/17

racist friend pardoned

(he who defied court orders)

granted lifetime pass


announced during

natures reality show

to boost rump’s ratings


hurricane thrashes

climate change science fake-news!

rains batter and flood


neighbors help neighbors

endurance and character 

shine in Houston hoods


rat-king and wife land

for photo-op with Harvey

biggest-ever storm!


as flood waters rise

he bathes in warm self-regard

Texans lose homes — life


prefer we lose rat

save our country — rule of law

restore decency


free press keeps pressing

indispensable constraint on power

bulwark of democracy

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2 Responses to ~ Thursday Thoughts ~ Rat-King Ruse ~

  1. Good stuff! The longer people put up with him, the more America will go down the toilet!

  2. Lindy Le Coq says:

    Thanks, Tom. I know some of my followers don’t like my opinion — but it is my blog after all!

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