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~ Lens-Artists Weekly Photo Challenge #77: Best in Show 2019 ~

Birds are clearly the stars in my 2019 roundup of favorite photos. To me, these captures reveal the grace, beauty, power and stunning adaptability of our avian co-creatures. Brown Pelicans rest in the surf on their way north in early … Continue reading

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~ Lens Artists Weekly Challenge #76: On Display ~

Out my front window the fantasy holiday display scene my neighbor created warms and delights me, especially on rainy days like today, the Winter Solstice in this hemisphere. Since my childhood, Christmas decorations around the house have fed my imagination. … Continue reading

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~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #75 : Nostalgic ~

It is now three years that Creighton and I have owned our Condominium at The Breakers in Long Beach, Washington. We truly love our long stays here from mid September, thru mid June. The peninsula has a rich history, including … Continue reading

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~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #74: Abstract ~

  What a treat! Nature is filled with patterns that echo Abstract Art. Shots I’ve taken, like the one below have languished in my archives. Here’s my chance to feature some images that just don’t fit anywhere else! On a … Continue reading

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~ Lens- Artists Photo Challenge # 73: Cold ~

When sun shines on icicles, and they don’t melt, you know it’s cold out there! When skies are clear, yet the sun doesn’t melt snow from the trees, it’s bitter cold. My favorite frosty photo. Ice crystals forming on the … Continue reading

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~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #72: Waiting ~

“…I am waiting for a rebirth of wonder…” “…and I am waiting for the American Eagle to really spread its wings and straighten up and fly right…” “…and I am waiting for forests and animals to reclaim the earth as theirs…” “…and I am waiting for … Continue reading

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~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #71: Creepy ~ (Warning – arachnophobes beware!) ~

When my flesh crawls and all my senses go into high alert, I usually don’t hang around to take pictures! I love photographing and learning about creepy-crawlies like spiders, bugs, snails and other flightless critters I come upon in my rambles. Growing … Continue reading

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