~ Walking With Eagles ~

Her Majesty

 Regal on her perch in brisk spring wind
        revisiting boundaries of her realm       
	   mature golden eyes pierce      

	   ocean ~ shoreline ~ sky 
                seek carrion or prey
	          alert for rivals.

Bold beak of a huntress, deadly nimble talons       	
     eight feet of feathered strength  			                 
       instinctually set for action.

His Majesty

  Her partner for life
      vigilant defender surveys kingdom 
	  a single glance penetrates
	       water ~ air ~ dunes

    ~ at Pacific’s surging tideline 
	 he searches for riches and spoils
	        wind riffling his crown.


Outgrowing nest fledge stretches ~
	     		tumbles out
				spreads wings
	     				crashes into bough.

Wings askew
	 fledge fixes eye on nest
			clambers back.
Still cramped
	fledge hops
		     flaps over rim
				   lands upright on limb.

In high piping calls

	Their Majesties coach fledgling 

	     to hunt and scavenge 
		over fields and dunes
		     at ocean’s edge.