~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #15: Changing ~ Changeable ~ Bald Eagle ~

~ A Five Year Odyssey to Maturity ~

When I first saw this beauty, I thought it might be a Golden Eagle. After checking with eBird (Cornell Lab of Ornithology), I learned it was a one year old Bald Eagle. Brown all over, lighter brown on the back. At one year old, it has just a hint of yellow on its beak.


Seeing this one on the shoreline still asking adults to feed it, I thought it was a juvenile! Since then, I’ve learned the mottling on its chest and extensive white on the wingtips, plus the emergence of yellow on its beak indicate it is about two years old – an immature, but not a juvenile!


By three years old, Bald Eagle’s still have some white on their chest and underwings, but black-brown feathering is dominant. In the top photo a distinct dark eye-stripe, between its white crown and grey chin-feathers, are characteristic of this still immature age.


By four years old, Bald Eagles gain their stark-white head and tail-feathers, and their fully-feathered black-brown body. Between four and five, Bald Eagles are fully mature, mate for life and fiercely protect their progeny.


When this Northern Harrier harassed a mature Bald Eagle, the scene changed in an instant!


So many changes – some immediate – some gradual, some positive – some devastating. Sending prayers to those who have had their lives turned up-side-down by events beyond their control.



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~ Wordless Wednesday ~



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~ Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Things People Play With ~

Let’s have some imaginative fun outside!


Nickels and dimes didn’t come easy when I was a kid, but oh, I would have loved to ride this into the horizon if given a chance!


Someone’s going to have a unicorn ride in the lake!

Version 2

Forts – a kid hide-away -no adults allowed!


Sand, a bucket or cup, a trowel, a stick provide all a young person needs to be creative. Of course, walking or running on the beach with your dog is also a barrel of fun!


And then there’s learning to fly a kite on a warm breezy day!

Cheers to playing outside!



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~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #14: Windows ~ “The View From Here” ~

Leya, challenges us to “find a favorite window and show our special choice,” for this week’s Lens-Artist Challenge.


This morning, sunshine is pouring through the window of the keeping room, where I sit in my well-worn chair with my laptop to write, blog, catch up on emails/news, and enjoy the view.


It’s a fairly ordinary window, though the bay type shelf provides space for plants and some glass keepsakes. The Dove is a piece my sister gave me years ago, which provides beauty, as it functions to keep birds from slamming into the glass.


Another favorite view is from the picture window of our condominium at The Breaker’s in Long Beach, WA.


We frequently see Black-tail Deer graze through the meadow, and watch Northern Harriers and other birds flying throughout the open space. In spring the meadow becomes a marshland which hosts many migrating birds.

img_7843Sunset over the marshes.


cropped-p1070067.jpgSun setting over the Pacific Ocean.




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~ Wordless Wednesday ~


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~ New Dune Runes ~ Wordless Wednesday ~


Alloniscus perconvexus

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~ Lens-Artist Photo Challenge: #13 Look Up ~

When I start to feel down, I tell myself to look up and find light coming through those clouds, and to remember the ancient adage:

“And this, too, shall pass away.”


In spring, a bright blue sky glimpsed through fresh chartreuse-green leaves, lifts my thoughts and spirits.

up 8

As spring melts into summer, birds call from trees, inviting me to figure out what particular species I’m hearing. 


White Crowned Sparrow atop Coastal Pine

Summer is a time to explore and visit new places. These Silver Cedars at Crater Lake State Park, Oregon, are a favorite looking up photo!

silver cedar

Autumn signals another bird migration, along with heightened intensity of color in deciduous foliage.



With winter comes snow …

Sun on Snow

…and Bald Eagles perched near the beach.




Mature Bald Eagle

“Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping
Into the future
I want to fly like an eagle, to the sea
Fly like an eagle
Let my spirit carry me
I want to fly (oh, yeah)
Fly right into the future”
Steve Miller


Lens-Artist Photo Challenge: #13 Look Up


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