~ Lens-Artists Weekly Photo Challenge #19: Magical Light ~


Sunsets and sunrises almost always create a magical light show. Yet, other atmospheric conditions contribute to stunning photographs. The following series of photos were taken from the same beach on different days and various times of day.

IMG_1430This autumn sunset over the Pacific Ocean, is enhanced by swirling cirrus clouds.

P1090396Clear skies, soon after sunrise, with fog in the distance and a full moon setting.

IMG_1377Stratus clouds over the Pacific, create rainbows in the morning sunlight.


P1080340Morning fog and waves are suffused with pastel colors at  sunrise.


foggy dunesFoggy Dunes


P1090094Red Sky Sunset

As days grow shorter in the Northern Hemisphere, I encourage all to look up into the sky several times a day (even if it’s cloudy!) and let the light of our star nurture your soul.


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~ Wordless Wednesday on Friday! ~


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~ Lens-Artist Photo Challenge #18: Blending In – Standing Out ~


When I last was at Long Beach, bird migration was well underway. I’d forgotten to pack my Panasonic Lumix, so the photos in this post are from my iPhone 8. Though I could not get clear photographs of the birds, I love the textural quality in many of these images. 

IMG_1266Soon after I spotted this Western Gull standing out like a sentry in the surf, a small flock of Dunlins streaked by…



…some landed.


Then, a pair of Marbled Godwits alighted standing out farther up the beach. Cautiously, they made their way from tide’s edge toward the Gull.



Being able to judge their size, relative to the Gull and Dunlins, helped me identify the Marbled Godwits. (Another first siting for me!) Though they blend in as shorebirds, they stand out with their color, long bill and behavior.


Snowy Plovers nest about ten miles (16 km) north of this stretch on Long Beach. It was a lucky accident that I stumbled upon this flock where males, females and immatures blend together on the afternoon high tide mudflat.

As I was getting my coffee ready to take on our morning walk, Jello belted out a guttural growl and started baying like a maniac at the glass patio door. Because it blended in so well in the meadow, I had a hard time seeing what was stirring her up. Do you see it?


I waited a while after this coyote moved beyond our path to the beach, however Jello’s nose was extremely active as she sniffed throughout the underbrush where it had been!


Speaking of Jello, her coloring allows her to blend into many environments. At the end of our dog park walk, I sat on a bench and Jello settled in front of me to enjoy the mild afternoon.



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~ Wordless Wednesday ~


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~ Lens-Artists Weekly Photo Challenge #17: Just For Fun ~

Going for our walk, whether at home or at the beach, is when Jello get’s excited! We have a game that includes her stealing one of my socks as I get them out of the drawer, then dashing around the house throwing it into the air, and finally taking it downstairs where she pretends to eat it!


Before I even have my shoes on, I’m laughing aloud, and all kinds of ‘happy endorphins’ are coursing through me! In our neighborhood, many people walk or run, and dogs on leashes take their humans out to explore 🐾


This little fairy fantasy appeared last spring under a neighbor’s spruce tree, across the street. We don’t know who created it, however it appears to be cared for, as the tiny hamlet remains upright and tidy!


One of my favorite ways to decorate is using the season’s theme plus plants that accentuate the effect. This neighbor consistently provides great displays along the fence in front of his property. More fun, more smiles, more happy endorphins!


Who knows what might emerge from the undergrowth in our damp Pacific Northwest autumn!


After our walk, my favorite “spooks” welcome us home with more smiles! 

Cheers to fun – in its many guises!


Lens-Artists Weekly Photo Challenge: #17 Just For Fun

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~ Wordless Wednesday ~ Spooky! ~

This gallery contains 3 photos.

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~ Wordless Wednesday ~

This gallery contains 3 photos.

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