~ Lens-Artist Photo Challenge #49: Favorites Things ~


IMG_1568 2

To walk freely in the blessings of wildness,

IMG_2554to see, hear and feel the Pacific Ocean’s abiding, deep rumble,

IMG_2498to be suffused in salt-washed ocean air, surrounded by native birds,


and to arrive home to my loved ones and friends! Life is good.

Just a few of my favorite things. Thank you Patti for this thoughtful challenge.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #49: Favorite Things







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~ Wordless Wednesday ~ Brown Pelicans ~


Pelecanus occidentalis

Version 2

Western Seagulls Larus occidentalis with Brown Pelicans Pelecanus occidentalis


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~ Cee’s FOTD ~



Foxglove – Digitalis




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~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #48: Wild ~

If you follow news about the effects of climate change (global warming), you may have heard about 70 migrating Gray Whales that have died of starvation  from California to Alaska. 

Around April 30, one washed up on the beach near The Breakers, in Long Beach, WA. I first saw it on May 14, after the necrologists had prepared it to decompose in place. 


Over the following two weeks I observed carrion eating birds gleaning the carcass. These two Turkey Vultures were among the many scavengers. Though they are reviled by many for their ways, carrion eaters are natures way of cleaning up remains.

western gull 1st winter and 2nd winter plus juvenile Thayers

Juvenile Thayer’s Gull (left), first winter Western Gull (center), second winter Western Gull (right).


Juvenile Thayer’s Gull (second from left). The rest are Western Gulls in various stages of maturity.

When I started regular walks on the beach, I challenged myself to learn the names of the birds I was seeing – they are not just shorebirds or seagulls!


Sanderlings are year-round residents. It is a delight to watch them feed at surf’s edge, as the tide washes out and then rush back in with the next wave.


Caspian Tern

P1100328Version 2

Over the past few days, around 40 Caspian Terns have been gathering on the beach. When disturbed, they swoop above in a fray of guttural screeches.


On my morning walk, this mature Bald Eagle was perched on a driftwood log right by the trail to the beach.


Columbian Black-tailed Mule Deer graze in the meadows. This one fled on fleet feet when it saw me!  

I close with a Henry David Thoreau quote that is one of my mantras; “In wildness is the preservation of the world.” 

Thank you Tina, for another thoughtful challenge. To see other interpretations and/or to join in the fun, click the link below.

Lens-Artists Challenge #48 – WILD


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~ Wordless Wednesday ~


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~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #47: Elements ~


P1080543 2

This photo expresses the immense power man has to create tools from metal that transform the world around us. 

P1090419img_6887.jpgVersion 2

Three iconic photos of wood in the Pacific Northwest; a wooden foot-bridge, a stack of cut logs from a harvested fir tree, and a jumble of driftwood.


Water is a spiritual element for me, including the force of Pacific Ocean breakers, the swift sparkling currents in streams and rivers, and the tranquil surface of a calm lake.


Water and “Fire”

Though there is not a fire in the background, the setting sun put on quite a light-show in the above photo. 


Jello enjoys a nice nap in front of the fireplace.


Earth is our home, we use it and too often abuse it. The state of Washington, under the stewardship of our governor Jay Inslee, is a leader in advancing renewable energy.

Thanks to Amy for another challenge that had me looking into my archives for just the right shots! To see more and/or to join the challenge, click the link below.



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~ Wordless Wednesday ~


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