~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #54: Detail ~

Much as in St. Malo, France, Hortensia ~ Hydrangea mycrophylla, thrives in Vancouver, USA. Over the years, I’ve planted many into my gardens. They adapt well and soon reward me with beautiful blossoms from summer to fall.

IMG_2719Native to southern and eastern Asia, and North and South America, hydrangea flowers are carried in bunches at the ends of woody, then green stems. Careful pruning is essential to maintain an abundant future crop of mopheads!

During a blooming season, one plant may host blossoms varying from cream to blue – pink to violet. It is possible to influence the color of most hydrangea with acid or alkaline.  I just like to let the plants put on their show!


Each individual hydrangea flower is relatively small with a bud in the center. These sterile flowers are technically sepals, without reproductive structures or pollen. 

P1100469Most cultivated hydrangea west of the Mississippi River (USA) are sterile, thus not helpful to pollinators. However, they are beautiful in the gardens, and I compensate with many other flowers to attract and satisfy bees and butterflies. 

Version 2 Here are some close-ups of the tiny anthers and pistol of a fertile hydrangea flower, surrounded in the lush color of the whole blossom.

On doing my research, I learned the leaves, roots and flowers of hydrangea are antimalarial, antitussive and diuretic. They may even be a more potent antimalarial than quinine. Who knew?!

Here’s to year two of Lens-Artists Photo Challenge. Cheers to Patty, Tina, Amy and Leya!


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~ Wordless Wednesday ~



Amorphophallus titanium

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~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge # 53: Your Choice ~

To be alive on this beautiful planet is near and dear to my heart. Being out in nature sustains me. To look upon a sight that takes my breath away, and lifts me out of my inner unrest, is pure joy. 




IMG_1348.JPG copy



A hearty thank you to Tina, Amy, Leya and Patty for providing inspiring challenges this past year! Cheers!!!



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~ Wordless Wednesday ~


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~ Lens-Artist Photo Challenge #52: Serenity ~

Serenity is subtle


The sensation enters my eyes, ears and nose, spreads throughout my mind and body – fills me with peace and asks nothing of me.

Gentle Sundown

Sometimes it comes to me in soft pastels with gently lapping water, or suffused in mist.


foggy dunes

At other times I experience profound tranquillity surrounded by vibrant living color and rushing water.

Whether by a stream, at a lake or the ocean, the sound of water always soothes me. As a tribute to my mother, who passed in 1996, I built a pond and waterfall in my back yard. She too, loved the sound of water, the scent of fresh air, and the beauty of nature.


When I’m home, I find serenity sitting right here.

To see other interpretations of this week’s Lens-Artist Challenge, or to join in the fun click the link below.









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~ Wordless Wednesday + FOTD ~







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~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #51: Unique ~

On Long Beach, the landscape changes with the rise and fall of every tide.


King Tide

This ongoing tug of surf on land leaves unique impressions at each low tide.


Extremely low tide

Sometimes the sand is flat with a surface residue pattern left behind.


At other times, the surf carves tide-pools into the beach.


Their rills create one-of-a-kind sand drawings, as water courses back to the ocean.




Thank you Amy, for this unique challenge. All week I’ve asked myself, “what can I share that’s unique?” Once again, my answer is from the beauty nature provides.


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