~ Report From the Edge of a Continent ~Bellyache ~  

     From fathomless depths,

              after months in her belly,

         heaps of human generated trash

                                                 roil in turbulent ocean.


Version 2

   New moon at high tide

         elicits extensive purge;

                                               Pacific Ocean vomits

                                                             our garbage over her shoreline.



Goose barnacles, Pollicipes polymerus

garbage 2


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~ Wordless Wednesday ~

follow your bliss jello 2

Wishing everyone safe harbor as we navigate uncharted waters.


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~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #98: Delicate Colors ~

When the ocean roils with waves and wind, it leaves traces on the shore in a symphony of foam.


The etherial hues of sea foam are a delight to behold.

P1090153 2

Light suffused through mist and spray creates a lovely blue filter on the jetty at North Head Lighthouse.

Mornning Mist

Morning fog catches sunlight softening the dunes at Long Beach, WA.


Survival in the wild requires blending in with the environment. A Mallard hen and her chicks are so subtly colored, they disappear into the grasses and ponds.


High rolling clouds catch the muted pastels of sundown, casting a lavender veil over the dunes.


Wishing everyone safe harbor as we navigate uncharted waters.


Thank you Leya for a chance to feature softness!


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~ Wordless Wednesday ~


Mature Bald Eagle feeding 


Breeding Snowy Plover


Handsome Mallard drake and hen

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~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #97: Pastimes ~

When I retired, eight years ago, my colleagues would ask me, “What are you going to do with your time?” My standard answer was that I planned to focus my energy on the creative passions I’d tucked in around the edges of life all those years!


Writing has been a passion since high school. Over these 8 years I’ve completed three short stories, which I also illustrated with original color pencil drawings.


Birding is a shared passion in my family. With more time to do research  and a good camera to capture images, my knowledge has grown right along with my photography archives!


Growing up, my curiosity about natural life, flora and fauna, was encouraged and rewarded. My desire to make things using found objects goes back to grade school!


Finding a Leather Sea Star dead on the beach (the first time I’d seen one dead or alive on the peninsula), prompted me get a shadow box and create a presentation of beach finds. Clockwise from upper left; Volcano Limpet, small Dungeness crab, Western Nassa Mud Snail, and Acorn barnacles.


The idea of making “treasure boxes” intrigued me, and I’ve fashioned two so far.

While here at The Breakers the past two months, I’ve also expressed my passion for landscape gardening. The little garden I adopted last year has flourished, and two more are coming along nicely.

But wait, there’s more! However this is quite enough to give you a look into the other pastimes I enjoy along with keeping this blog alive and fresh.

Wishing everyone safe harbor as we navigate uncharted waters.




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~ Sunday Surprise ~

Sunday morning, while I was making coffee and getting ready for our walk, Jello started baying at the sliding glass door and trying like crazy to climb over it! The last time she made this kind of a ruckus, was when she saw a coyote in the meadow below our deck.


I ran to the living room, grabbed my LUMIX and was able to get a few shots of this American black bear as it made its way across the grasslands and disappeared into the trees. 

Version 2

Jello continued to bay from the deck, hackles on high, and expressing her disbelief that I wasn’t going to take her out on the chase that very minute!

Version 2

When we did get outside, Jello’s nose was very busy scanning the grasslands and trails for any trace of Ursus americanus. Luckily the bear was long gone by then!

Wishing everyone safe harbor as we navigate uncharted waters.


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~ Report From the Edge of a Continent ~ Sunshine’s Reflections ~

Version 2

Wilson’s Snipe

Version 2

Canada Goose

Jello on beach

My beagle and walking companion, Jello.


Sunshine’s Reflections

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