~ Lens-Artist Photo Challenge #90: Distance ~

Distance has several distinct, yet connected meanings. In its essence it is the space between two things or people.


Wind turbines atop the Columbia River Gorge demonstrate visual distance and symbolize the conceptual distance between Washington State, and current Washington D.C. political reality.

storm cloud 2

In the remote Long Beach Peninsula, on the western edge of North America, a massive thundercloud looms on the horizon over the Pacific Ocean, as our moon in space provides another perspective of a far off point.

Jello and Rainbow

The length of time this rainbow appeared before me was short, and it was bigger than would fit one screen shot. Thinking I might get more of it by backtracking on the trail, I had to laugh at myself when I realized it didn’t matter! One bright spot is that I captured sweet Jello, confused by my turning back rather than pressing ahead!

Thank you Tina and Lens Artists for a place to connect with others. In this time when Social Distancing is the new norm, Jello and I send you virtual hugs across the universe.


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~ Wordless Wednesday ~ Wings ~


“On Guard” Killdeer


“Shelter In Place ”  Mallard Drakes


First Ducklings ~ 2020

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~ Social Distancing Made Easy ~

As it turns out, my husband and I have been staying at our condominium in Long Beach, WA the past ten days, while the Corona virus pandemic has evolved. When Governor Inslee announced a “stay in place” order last Monday, we began making arrangements to do just that. This morning, Jello and I had the beach to ourselves on our walk.

north viewLooking north toward the tip of the peninsula, there is no one in sight.

south view

The view south to Cape Disappointment and North Head is also wide open.

cloud covered sun

This is one of those times when being an introvert is an advantage! Creighton and I both have our creative projects to keep us entertained, food and wine are readily available, and the view is lovely all the time – even in the rain!

Jello 2

Jello with her pal “Free Willy”

Wishing everyone well, as together we navigate a very difficult crisis.

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~ Wordless Wednesday ~

Version 2

Adult Bald Eagle

Version 2

Surf Scoter (Male)


Black-bellied Plover (non-breeding)

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~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #89: A River Runs Through It ~

My father taught me at an early age that if ever I was lost in a wilderness area, to remember the words from a song by Bob Nolan ,”…somehow it leads me home if I just follow the stream.”


Creeks and streams flow into rivers on their journey toward the ocean. Gnat Creek, above, is representative of a source.


Two shots of Crescent Creek. The first is taken at its source, Crescent Lake where it rushes into the channel and then farther downstream, as it flows through the countryside.


Spokane River, Spokane, WA

Throughout my life I’ve lived near streams and rivers, from my Spokane, WA birthplace, to my current home in Vancouver, WA where Salmon Creek (below) is a half mile away.


And then, there is the mighty Columbia River which flows by my hometown on its way to meet the Pacific Ocean, just south of where I’m “staying in place” at my condominium in Long Beach, WA.


At the mouth of the Columbia River spanned by the Astoria-Megler Bridge in the background.

“Run, river, run to the sea
Water always wants to be free
Run, river, run over me
Water, take away my memory”
Allman Brown

Wishing everyone safe harbour in this time of shared pandemic crisis.



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~ Lens-Artist Weekly Photo Challenge: Chaos ~

Koyannisqatsi, a Hopi Indian word meaning “life out of balance,” is the theme of my response to Leya’s challenge. Last spring, as Gray Whales migrated from Mexico to Alaska, 121 were found washed up on west coast beaches, including one at Long Beach, WA.

Version 2

A necropsy determined this young whale, like many of the others, was emaciated and starving. Marine biologists continue to study the reasons for last year’s die-off, including a real possibility that global warming is the root cause.

Version 2

After wintering in their calving grounds off Baja California, Gray Whales migrate 5,000 miles (8050 km) to their summer feeding grounds in the Arctic. Here they consume small shrimp-like sea animals called amphipods to pack on blubber meant to sustain them until they return the following summer. During the three to four months they travel back and forth, and while they are in the waters off Mexico, they eat almost nothing.

Version 2Version 2

Over the spring months I photographed the decomposing body as surf, sand, crabs, carrion-eating birds and time reduced the creature to nearly nothing. My beagle, Jello provides a size reference, in the above shot.

Version 2When the main carcass had mostly disintegrated, people harvested the bones.

whale 9

Water temperatures in the Arctic are warming and sea ice is steadily declining. We will know soon, if the 2019 die-off was a one time event or the start of a long term trend, as the Gray Whale’s northern migration begins.

Version 2

When we returned to visit Long Beach last fall, only a few large bones remained. Now there isn’t a trace of the whale on the beach.

Mankind will continue to create chaos on planet earth, until human beings enact global measures that return nature to balance.






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~ Wordless Wednesday ~ March Marsh ~

Version 2

Canada Goose


Bufflehead Duck



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