~ Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Animals ~

Birds are animals, and I have oodles of bird photos – but I think Cee was looking for more along the mammal line of critters!




Cotton Tail Rabbit


Columbia Black Tail Mule Deer


Hubby and Jello!


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~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #56: Seascapes ~

When I was a young girl, my family lived in the center of Washington State, USA. Every summer my parents made sure we kids had a get-away vacation. Sometimes we visited National Parks, and often we camped at quiet places where the fishing, or seafood gathering was good. Dungeness Bay, WA will live forever in my memory as the place where I got hives from eating too much seafood! One time my family and grandparents drove to Anacortes, and took the ferry to San Juan Island, WA. It was a magical adventure for me. Years later, my husband and I vacationed every summer for two weeks on Orcas Island. Over thirty years we bicycled all the San Juan Islands, explored parks, watched the sea and sky change from dawn to dark, and soaked in their beauty. The first six photos in this gallery are vistas from Orcas Island.


K-November 3014P1020883P1040960P1020930P1000232

bench at doe bayIMG_2539Version 2IMG_9646P1090574P1050742P1080518P1090153 2img_6605

Upon retiring, we decided to find a place to call our own. We wanted to be at the ocean or by a stream or lake, and have it be close enough to home that we could enjoy it often. We visited Long Beach, WA on our honeymoon (almost 50 years ago!) and had taken many trips out to bicycle and enjoy the scenery.  Just over a two hour drive from Vancouver, we now have our “forever condo” – a favorite destination from mid September to mid June. During the busy summer season, we leave it to be enjoyed by others and managed by The Breakers. The last eight photos in the gallery above, are sights from the Long Beach Peninsula.


Is it September yet?

Thanks to Amy for another subject I dearly love!


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~ Wordless Wednesday ~


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~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #55: Dreamy ~

This past week Jello and I have been at the summit of Willamette Pass in Oregon, USA. Even with a personal hotspot, I was unable to get internet connection here, which is why I’m late posting to this challenge. With all the lovely scenery around me, I decided to feature photos from this location.

IMG_6209IMG_6204My favorite dreamy images are those taken at daybreak, when mist is rising in the meadow at Crescent Creek…

IMG_2744…and the sun is reflecting through mist on Crescent Lake, as my sister, brother-in-law, Jello and I head out for a morning of Kokanee trout fishing. 

IMG_2736In the afternoon, Jello enjoys romping by the creek and rolling in cool shady grass. This time, she drifted off into beagle dreamland! 

P1100507Dusk also creates dreamy light, as in this photo taken from the back porch of my cabin at Crescent Creek. Such a lovely spot, with etherial light. 

Thank you Leya for another fun challenge, and to my fellow WordPress friends, my apologies for being tardy to view and comment on your posts – I will catch up! 


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~ Wordless Wednesday ~


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~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #54: Detail ~

Much as in St. Malo, France, Hortensia ~ Hydrangea mycrophylla, thrives in Vancouver, USA. Over the years, I’ve planted many into my gardens. They adapt well and soon reward me with beautiful blossoms from summer to fall.

IMG_2719Native to southern and eastern Asia, and North and South America, hydrangea flowers are carried in bunches at the ends of woody, then green stems. Careful pruning is essential to maintain an abundant future crop of mopheads!

During a blooming season, one plant may host blossoms varying from cream to blue – pink to violet. It is possible to influence the color of most hydrangea with acid or alkaline.  I just like to let the plants put on their show!


Each individual hydrangea flower is relatively small with a bud in the center. These sterile flowers are technically sepals, without reproductive structures or pollen. 

P1100469Most cultivated hydrangea west of the Mississippi River (USA) are sterile, thus not helpful to pollinators. However, they are beautiful in the gardens, and I compensate with many other flowers to attract and satisfy bees and butterflies. 

Version 2 Here are some close-ups of the tiny anthers and pistol of a fertile hydrangea flower, surrounded in the lush color of the whole blossom.

On doing my research, I learned the leaves, roots and flowers of hydrangea are antimalarial, antitussive and diuretic. They may even be a more potent antimalarial than quinine. Who knew?!

Here’s to year two of Lens-Artists Photo Challenge. Cheers to Patty, Tina, Amy and Leya!


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~ Wordless Wednesday ~



Amorphophallus titanium

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