~ Wordless Wednesday ~ Eye-Catchers ~

Wishing everyone safe travels. Please be kind and stay safe.šŸ¾

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~ Square Trees: West Coast USA ~

Clinging to the edge of Orcas Island, Washington this old growth Douglas fir may no longer be there, as this photo was taken ten years ago.

Douglas fir roots

The beautiful bark and twisting branches of Arbutus menziesii or Pacific madrone are a striking part of the landscape of Orcas Island. Commonly called madrona in the US and arbutus in Canada, this broadleaf evergreen tree is native to the western coastal areas of North America.

arbutus ~ madrona

The dog park Jello and I frequent has a nice stand of pine trees. The shadows on this particular day were so lovely I snapped this photo, my final offering to Becky’s square tree challenge.

Wishing everyone safeĀ travels. Please be kind and stay safe.šŸ¾


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~ A Photo a Week Challenge: Reflections ~

This lovely blown glass paperweight mirrors a window with a view outside and a plant in front of it. So much movement – the magic of reflections!

A view out the observatory windows of North Head Lighthouse at Cape Disappointment State Park. Notice how the vertical lines of the window panes behind me, are reflected on the glass in front of me.

Long Beach Sunset

With many dramatic shots of sunsets in my archives, I chose this one because of it’s subtle and muted tones from the clouds and light in the sky reflected upon the receding tide.

Wishing everyone safe travels. Please be kind and stay safe.šŸ¾

Thanks to Nancy Merrill for another fun challenge!


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~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #158: Along Back Country Roads ~ Long Beach Peninsula, Washington State – USA ~

Washington State Route 103 extends 19 miles north from the city of Seaview, along the western side of the Long Beach Peninsula through Long Beach and Ocean Park, to end at the northernmost tip of the Peninsula, Leadbetter Point State Park. Sandridge Road borders the eastern side of the Peninsula, runs from Ilwaco (just south of Seaview), skirts past Ocean Park and ends at Oysterville.

When I head north from Long Beach, I take whichever route fits my mood and mission! This trip was to photograph sights and check out local businesses. This small farm is on Sandridge Road, just south of the juncture to Ocean Park.

Gentle goats – expecting treats!

Weathered but still standing – Oysterville Store sign.

At this crossroad, one can continue north on Sandridge Road to the Oysterville Sea Farm…

…or turn west, to connect with state route 103, the road to Ledbetter Point Wildlife Refuge.

Western Snowy Plovers (Charadrius alexandrinus nivosis), classified as a threatened species, live here year round. To protect and enhance the species, at Leadbetter Point their nesting areas are closed to public access from March 15 to September 15 each year.

Trail in Leadbetter Park Wildlife Refuge

Western Snowy Plover (Charadrius alexandrinus nivosis)

Wishing everyone safeĀ travels. Please be kind and stay safe.šŸ¾

Thanks to Beth at wanderingdawgs for this fun challenge!


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~ Wordless Wednesday ~ Chillin’ In The Garden ~

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~ Lens Artists Photo Challenge #157 ~ Getting Away ~

Always, my favorite places to get away involve wilderness, nature, water, and the sense of tranquility I feel when I am away from cities, traffic and jostling crowds.

Long Beach Peninsula, Washington State ~ USA ~~~ Bald Eagle – Haliaeetus leucocephalus
Miller Lake, Central Oregon – USA
Cape Disappointment State Park – Ilwaco, Washington ~ USA
Odell Lake ~ Willamette Pass, Oregon ~ USA
Full moon setting – Long Beach Peninsula, Washington ~ USA

Wishing everyone safeĀ travels. Please be kind and stay safe.šŸ¾


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~ Wordless Wednesday ~ “Splish Splash!”

Who could it be?
Looks like a young one…
Song Sparrow – Melospiza melodia for sure!
One more big splash.
Ready to fly to a branch and dry off.

Wishing everyone safeĀ travels. Please be kind and stay safe.šŸ¾

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~ Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge ~ Fields and Landscapes ~

Some fields and scenes to add to Cee’s challenge. All taken on the Long Beach Peninsula.

Steps to Nowhere
Fort Columbia State Park, Washington – USA
The Middle of Somewhere
Fawn at Dawn (Noir)
Waves of Rye

Thanks to Cee for providing us so many wonderful challenges. I don’t enter as often as I would like too, however, when I want to post something, her challenges always pique my interest!


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~ TreeSquare ~ Mother Trees ~

Recently I read a fascinating book: Finding The Mother Tree, by Suzanne Simard. Through years of dedicated research she has influenced the practice of Silviculture in Canada and the USA, by proving that “forests are social, cooperative creatures connected through underground networks by which trees communicate their vitality and vulnerabilities with communal lives not that different from our own.”

On my quarter acre grounds are several mature Douglas fir and other evergreen trees. It is a pleasure to live with them and steward the grounds around them.

At Willamette Pass, I noticed small trees that were thriving under the canopy of fully grown evergreens, and also, as in this photo, being nurtured by the remains of deceased trees.

This past week I have featured several photos of Salt Creek Falls on Willamette Pass in Oregon, USA. Here it is again, seen through the limbs of large evergreen trees.

Wishing everyone safeĀ travels. Please be kind and stay safe.šŸ¾


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~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge 156: Black and White ~

Fort Columbia State Park is one of the most intact historic coastal defense sites in the US. Constructed between 1896 and 1903, renovated during WWII and decommissioned in 1947, it is now a day-use park on Chinook Point in Washington State, near the mouth of the Columbia River. 

This particular shot is stunning in black and white with the tall evergreens silhouetted against a dramatic cloud formation in the sky. The flag is flying straight out in a brisk wind, and shadows create stark contrasting tones. 

Though I usually prefer my plants to be “in full color,” this composition struck me as quite nice in black and white. The textures of the Hosta and ferns are distinct and the contrast of light through the dark wood fence and a sweep of brush above add to a sense of whimsy.

A fourth of July gathering with lots of red white and blue, plenty of good food, jolly company and this intimate discussion between my niece and a family friend. Presenting it in black and white adds to the emotional impact already present in their expressions.

After winter storms, Long Beach in Washington State is littered with wonderful drift wood snags. I like to use them as a frame for a shot towards the ocean. Long shadows project onto the sand and the textures of barnacles on the uprooted wood tell its story.

My beagle Jello, loves to settle into cool quiet corners of the garden when I’m out reading or writing by the pond. In this shot the textures of plants contrast with her smooth face, and though her body is hidden in shadow, light streams above her.

Wishing everyone safeĀ travels. Please be kind and stay safe.šŸ¾


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