~ Where’s The Deer? ~ WPC: Waiting ~

At the crest of a knoll in the dunes, Jello stops, looks, sniffs and waits!


White-tail deer reside in the area and Jello has encountered them on our walk through the dunes before.  Not this morning though! 




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~ Texture Of Life — Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge ~

Land Snail – Lewis & Clark Discovery Trail – Long Beach, WA – August 8, 2017.

Version 2

Since Cee likes more than one image in her challenges — I offer these extras!



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~ In A Vase On Monday ~

Roses seem to be the last of the lovelies blooming now.  Once again they are served up in the crystal vase with Hebe ‘variegata’ as background.



Rosa ‘Graham Thomas’


Rosa ‘Tiffany’


Rosa ‘Memorial Day’

Rudbeckia is fading and Echinacea heads are drying — ready for migrating finches to feast.  Hydrangea still holds its mopheads in shades of green, though there are few bright blue and pink ones left.  I always feel a kind of sadness as summer wanes and autumn approaches.  Soon it will be time to put the gardens to bed, and haul in some firewood!

Thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for providing space to enjoy creating with cut flowers!


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~ Anticipation ~ WPC: Waiting ~

Gardening is an act of faith –we plant, tend, nurture and believe.  


July 27, 2017

Then we wait… 


September 9, 2017

 …and we water, tend, inspect and wait some more!




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~ Wordless Wednesday ~


August 31, 2017 ~ Long Beach, WA – USA


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~ Natures Design ~ WPC: Structure ~

Why is this adult Canada Goose lingering at the edge of the reeds, and wherefore such a malignant eye on me?  Could there be a nest nearby?  


Canada Goose tending nest ~ Long Beach, WA – USA ~ April 2017

This week we are challenged to “notice the structure of everyday things around us and imagine the biological blueprint that created them.”  


April, 2017

This wetland marsh is re-created every winter and spring in front of The Breakers.  It hosts a diverse population of migrating (and resident) birds.  

P1070023 2

June, 2017

As the rains decrease and days grow longer in summer, the wetland recedes  transforming to meadow and dune. 


wetland to meadow

biological blueprint

organic design



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~ In A Vase On Monday ~ Smoky Rose ~

My roses are still blooming and this Rosa ‘Double Delight’ seemed a nice feature for today’s vase. I liked the creamy color of the Hebe ‘Variegata’ as an accent in a crystal vase — my favorite for holding stems upright.

P1070820 2


Smoke from wildfires burning throughout Washington, Oregon and Montana are causing a haze here that surpasses the shade we experienced during the eclipse. These photos were taken on my deck in what would have been bright morning sunlight.


Thanks to Kathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting this fun challenge!

Rambling in the Garden

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