~Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #103: Surprise ~


Sometimes I take a photo, like the one below, of a subject (Bufflehead duck) and I’m disappointed when the featured subject is unclear.

P1110067Then, when I look at the same photograph as a composition, I am pleasantly surprised!



Northern Harriers course low over the marshes and meadows frequently, yet in three years of attempts, my efforts to get a good photo were always blurry or just of the sky or marsh with no bird to be seen! Capturing this shot of an adult male carrying a twig to its nest, was very gratifying.



For a few days a female House Finch appeared at our living room window, looking very much like she wanted to build her nest right there!


Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology hosts Project FeederWatch, a Citizen Science program from November thru April (https://feederwatch.org). Creighton and I have participated for the past 12 seasons. This winter we were visited by a bird we’d never seen before.

white bird 1white bird

When I entered my weekly report, Cornell experts questioned if I had the right identification. The cautious bird, a Snow Bunting (Plectrophenax nivalis), came to our feeders for about a month – such a lovely surprise!


Version 2

In May, a young American black bear rambled across the meadow while Jello and I watched from the living room (https://lindylecoq.com/2020/05/19/sunday-surprise/). A week or so later, as we walked back from the beach, I was startled to hear Jello discharge a guttural growl. Looking toward her, I saw a black bear emerge from the dune grass and cross the trail right in front of us. Jello’s hackles were up and she took off after the bear. I yelled my one word command for all similar occasions: STOP! …and she did!

Wishing everyone safeĀ harbor, as we continue to navigate uncharted waters.


I wish I could say I’m surprised that my country is leading the world in novel corona virus infections. Sadly, I’m not surprised – I’m embarrassed, disgusted and impatient to replace the current administration. We can do better.

Thank you Leya for sending me looking for happy surprises – or at least surprises with a happy ending!


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~ Wordless Wednesday ~ Perfect Pairs ~


House Finch – Carpodacus mexicanus


Mallard Duck – Anas platyrhynchos


Canada Goose – Branta canadensisĀ and Mallards


Caspian Tern – Sterna caspia


Bald Eagle – Haliaeeetus leucocephalus

Wishing everyone safeĀ harbor, as we continue to navigate uncharted waters.


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~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge # 102: A Quiet Moment ~

Quiet moments for me happen when what I see is in harmony with itself and fills me with a sense of internal peace.


Being a true introvert, I relax when I have the opportunity to quiet my brain and focus on the beauty of nature.

Seeing wild birds in their natural habitat, essentially oblivious to me, is an extra special delight.


Because she is photogenic and a true expert, I have many portraits of Jello engaged in her own quiet moments.

jello 2IMG_8160

Wishing everyone safeĀ harbor, as we continue to navigate uncharted waters.


Thank you Patti, for suggesting we feature times and places that bring us peace.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #102: A Quiet Moment

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~ Wordless Wednesday ~ Downy Fledgling ~


Mama Downy Woodpecker left – female fledge right


Wishing everyone safeĀ harbor, as we navigate uncharted waters.



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~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #101: One Single Flower ~

Our host this week, Cee Nuner, is a master photographer with flowers one of her specialties. As a lover of gardens and flowers this challenge took me into my archives as there are few blossoms in my soggy gardens right now!

Cala Lily, Oriental Lily, Balloon Flower, Daffodil in snow and Wake Robin. Looking into the blossom, sideways shots, and facing down.

Hellebores (Lenten Roses) face forward, and face down.

Cala Lily and Tulip in lovely yellow tones.

Thank you Cee for your many wonderful challenges over the years!

Wishing everyone safeĀ harbor, as we navigate uncharted waters.


Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #101 ā€“ One Single Flower

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~ Wordless Wednesday ~

jello and hydrangeajello reflectionsweet jello

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~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #100: The Long and Winding Road ~

ā€œThe arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.ā€

Martin Luther King Jr.


While at the University of Washington in 1970, my husband and I joined the student protest that closed I-5, on May 5. Along with several friends, we were there to object to the illegal and inhumane war our country was waging on Vietnam and Cambodia.

Vietnam War protestPhotographer – Paul Thomas – Seattle Post-Intelligencer

On January 21, 2017, with two girlfriends, I attended the Women’s March in Portland, Oregon. From his first appearance as a candidate to this very moment, Mr. Trump has made it clear he is not qualified to be President of the United States.


In the ensuing years, often I have said, “things will change in the USA, when young people are angry enough to march in the streets.” Now it is happening, and I salute those who put their feet where their heart and head are.


We no longer accept going in circles as leadership.

Version 2

We’re sick and tired of being tangled by lame old reasons why not justice for all?


The old is unravelling, and we find ourselves on a path to a changing future.

P1110904 copy

Wishing everyone safeĀ harbor, as we navigate uncharted waters.



Thank you Tina for another soul-stretching photography challenge!


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~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #99: Old and New ~

The challenge from Amy this week is to show both old and new in our photography.

Version 2

A hand-forged metal wagon wheel leans against a contemporary building.


Circa 1850, Chinese water bucket hosts a living plant.

Version 2A hand carved Carousel goat (circa 1915), at the Albany, OR Carousel Museum. In the background, the painting workshop with a nearly finished (also hand carved) dragon on the left.


Wishing everyone safeĀ harbor, as we navigate uncharted waters.


Sending blessings to Amy, Tina, Leya and Patti. Thank you.


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~ American Apartheid ~ A Poem ~

American ApartheidLindy Le Coq – June 3, 2020


Four hundred years of suppression,

black men and women raped and murdered

for being.


Jim Crow still alive in

red-lined housing,

unfunded schools,

three strikes – youā€™re out,

stop & frisk,

skewed criminal justice system,

toxic waste dump next door,

contaminated drinking water,

low wage jobs – essential work –

Ā Ā Ā Ā  (considered beneath the swollen, unearned ā€˜dignityā€™ of white folk),

and Novel corona virus, a

pestilence inflicted by an

incompetent, white supremacist president,

and a Republican Party united to resist the

fundamental rights of life, liberty and justice for all.


With the brutal police murder of George Floyd,

the web of Jim Crow unravels.

Citizens of all generations and skin tones,

no longer willing to sit by silently weeping,

instead take to the streets,

march peacefully in solidarity

to weave new cloth from the tattered fabric of our nation,

to eschew white supremacy,

ā€¦in order to form a more perfect unionā€¦.

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~ Wordless Wednesday ~

Eagle liftingwings flap downKeeper 2

(All photos taken with iPhone)

Wishing everyone safeĀ harbor as we navigate uncharted waters.


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