~ Wordless Wednesday ~ Snowy Plover & Sanderling ~

P1100822P1100823P1100824 2

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~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #75 : Nostalgic ~

It is now three years that Creighton and I have owned our Condominium at The Breakers in Long Beach, Washington. We truly love our long stays here from mid September, thru mid June. The peninsula has a rich history, including that of the native Chinook peoples thru the Lewis & Clark expedition (1805), to the claim of formal possession by the United States in 1818, and the subsequent settlement of this remote area.


“In 1858, Isaac Clark was appointed postmaster and operated the post office from his general store. Eventually the post office was transferred to the Oysterville Store where it remains today.”*


Old weathered signs and aging yet well-kept wooden buildings, awaken a sense of nostalgia in me. In these three short years, the unique structure in the photo below has disappeared to progress. Though I understand why, I still feel a sadness at the loss of such character.


The Nahcotta Post Office still occupies the building below, however Bailey’s Cafe and Bakery has closed.


Creighton and I enjoyed having brunch here often, and their bread was delicious. Losing it is like another friend has moved away, and I feel that sentimental tug for what once was.


  • The Long Beach Peninsula; Donella J. Lucero and Nancy L. Hobbs (2004).


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~ Wordless Wednesday ~ Sun & Moon ~

sunup 2

Foggy Sunrise

moonrise 2

Moonrise over Dunes

sunset through clouds

Silver Linings

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~ Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Two of Anything ~

Two crows perched upon Clark’s Tree Sculpture, along the Discovery Trail, Long Beach, WA ~ USA


Crow Tree Sculpture

Morning light on Long Beach, from early autumn through late spring is both defining and forgiving.

Version 2Light diffused through fog sets the mood for this couple walking on a low-tide morning.


Thank you again, Cee for your fun and instructive challenges!





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~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #74: Abstract ~


What a treat! Nature is filled with patterns that echo Abstract Art. Shots I’ve taken, like the one below have languished in my archives. Here’s my chance to feature some images that just don’t fit anywhere else! On a freezing morning walk through dunes, this repetitive pattern caught my fancy.

Version 2

Frozen Paw Prints


Winter light on frozen dune sand creates shapes and colors that fit my idea of an exquisite abstract image. Tiny paw prints of dune-mice add a bit of whimsy!


Frosty Dune


Winter storms wash heaps of Bull Kelp ashore. Unless a big tide sweeps them back out into the ocean, they remain stranded on the beach to dry in the wind, sand and sun.

Version 2

Bull Kelp Skeleton


There is something compelling in how these two loops of kelp are entwined, with the strewn shreds of torn seaweed still clinging. As with most Abstract Art, what it is and what it means is at the discretion of the viewer.


Kelp Hearts


Close-up shots of lichen and moss provide fascinating impressions, like this small patch on a living tree.

Version 2

Red & White Study

Thank you Patti for this opportunity to show some of my “odd-ball” shots!


Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #74: Abstract

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~ Wordless Wednesday ~ Frosty Kinnikinnick ~

frosty kininkinnick

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~ Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: White ~

P1090620Black-bellied Plovers & seafoam.

IMG_2128Fungus on wood.

IMG_2287White Tulips & Chardonnay Pearls.

IMG_1842Tiny Snowman on Starbucks outside table.

P1100588Our Star called Sun.



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