~ Wordless Wednesday + Cee’s B&W Challenge: In The Distance ~




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~ Wordless Wednesday ~


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~ Cee’s Flower Of The Day Challenge ~

Often on my trecks through forests and trails I see flora that is fascinating and I just have to take a picture to commemorate the life forms I’m seeing.




Like these colonies of toadstools nestled among ferns, moss and Bearberry.


And, the bright red foliage of Beach strawberries (Fragaria chiloensis) that grow along the upper edges of beaches in Washington and Oregon.


I love coming across a patch of blooming yellow sand verbena (Abronia latifolia), a perennial herb. Native to California, it is only found along the coasts of western North America.


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~ Lens-Artists Weekly Photo Challenge #28: Curves ~

“There are no straight lines in nature….”  Antoni Gaudi


In my life I have faced curve-balls and crossroads, some have taken me to desired destinations, like higher education and my career. At times however, the path forward has proven confusing.


There have been twists and turns in these 70 years that have left me reeling – all knotted up – with no clear sense of what to do next. I have learned it is up to me to search within my tangles and listen to my inner guides and teachers for answers.


Through it all, I have sought the light and found myself upright and unfurling…


…able to bow with the pain inherent in being sentient, and strong enough to spiral out of depression. 


Along the way, others have provided space and place for me to explore and unwind,


to find safe harbor… 


to be me…


…here and now.

Thanks to Tina for this invitation to express complex feelings with photography!


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~ Wordless Wednesday ~


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~ Trail Encounter ~

As Jello and I set out for our walk to the beach this morning, we startled a Black-tail deer that was grazing in the dune meadow in front of The Breakers. 


While I snapped shots with my Panasonic and iPhone, Jello leaped into action!


The deer made an escape easily, and Jello had a grand time sniffing around in the meadow following its trail!

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~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge # 27: My Travels ~

Though not a world traveler these days, I have visited many wonderful places in my life. My greatest joy with travel continues to be when I am exploring in nature: mountains, valleys, trees, trails, lakes, the ocean, animals, birds, butterflies and flowers.

P1020119 - Version 6






Crescent Creek, Oregon. USA


Mature Bald Eagle – Long Beach, WA  USA




Pacific Ocean Breakers – Long Beach, WA. USA


And, the other joy is having friends and family on the trail with me!



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