~ Wordless Wednesday ~ Silence of Wings 2 ~


Mature Bald Eagle


Two-year Bald Eagle


January 12, 2018 – Long Beach


The Silence of Wings





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~ The Silence of Wings ~ WPC: Silence ~

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“So the darkness shall be the light, and the stillness the dancing.”  T.S. Eliot


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~ The Silence of Snales ~ WPC: Silence ~

Living in the moist Pacific Northwest, snails and slugs are everywhere.  Though I consider slugs in my gardens a pest, finding snails in the wild is a treat.


These photos of two different snails of the same species, were taken on the Long Beach Peninsula – WA – USA.

 “…most native snails and slugs go unnoticed as they feed on plants, fungi, or an array of decaying organic material. A few are predators. Their alien nature can be fascinting — legless hermaphrodites, love darts, tails that can be lost like a lizard’s, and plenty of mucus.”

Cepaea nemoralis Common names: Banded wood snail, grove snail

Family: Helicidae

This is a highly variable snail. Shells range from brown to yellow to pink, with or without stripes.

Origin: Europe

Diet: Dead, usually dry, plant material.
Behavior: Good climber. Uses love darts to improve reproductive success. We’ve found that they really like eating paper.
Where in Oregon: Scattered from the Portland metro area to Canby.
Similar exotics to look for: Cepaea hortensis, the white lipped snail, which is smaller. When mature, C. hortensis typically has a pale lip while C. nemoralis has a brown lip. Suspected C. hortensis should be reported to ODA.



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~Winter Orchard ~ WPC: Weathered ~



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~ Basking Blue heron ~ Wordless Wednesday ~


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~ Renewal ~ WPC: Growth ~

This week’s photo challenge is to share an image that evokes the spirit of change and newness. Since I have committed myself to finish some long-delayed projects this year, I decided to share this photo of drawings, one done and one in-process, that represent my main area of renewal this year.


The third of three finished short stories, Peach Pie Summer only needs a compliment of color pencil drawings and line sketches to be complete. So, while the rain and cold batter my dormant gardens, I’ll continue to grow inside!


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~ The Teeth Of Winter ~ Wordless Wednesday ~


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