Pinnacles ~ Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Grand

Crater Lake National Park is almost in my back yard; a mere 250 miles South.  Last summer my sister took me around the entire perimeter and then down to the canyon floor to see the pinnacles.  Maybe not Grand, as in Grand Canyon, but Grand as in Unusual and Special.

These towering needle-like formations of rock, called fossil fumaroles, projecting from the Sand Creek Canyon floor, were formed under sheets of volcanic pumice that preceded Mazama’s collapse.

As the surface of the hot pumice cooled over the years, steam and gases were released by the hot rocks underneath through vents and tubes that were welded into cement hardness by their passage. These ancient vents now stand alone due to the erosion of the surrounding softer materials.

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2 Responses to Pinnacles ~ Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Grand

  1. Wow! This is a really interesting place. Thank you for sharing!

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