Spring Wine ~ Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Symmetry

With family here for a collective birthday celebration, and a temperature of 75f yesterday, my sister and I enjoyed our wine while talking by the pond and on the deck. What a joy to be part of a dear family, and to have most everyone near enough to be together often.

IMG_1273This week’s photo challenge is to share an image of symmetry — we were encouraged to bend the theme in any way we like.

“And wine gladdens the heart of man.”

Psalm 103 (105):15

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2 Responses to Spring Wine ~ Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Symmetry

  1. Nicely done (even though I prefer red.) 🙂


  2. Lindy Le Coq says:

    Thanks Janet! Love red too, though I think this shot would not have happened it there had been red in the glass!

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