Life ~ Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Muse

This past week’s photo challenge asked us to select a place or scene that serves as a muse. The more I thought about it and cast about for ideas, the more I realized that everything around me is my muse; the sun, sky, trees, birds, clouds, mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes, ponds, the ocean, sand, rocks, dirt, plants, flowers, bees, butterflies, animals including my beagles, family, friends and others. So, at the very last moment before the new weekly challenge arrives, here is a collage of some of my favorite muses.


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5 Responses to Life ~ Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Muse

  1. Doug DeBug says:

    Capturing a scene that serves as a muse? That’s everything around us like you said. Not sure how I would handle that one πŸ™‚

  2. Beautiful interpretation of the challenge!

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