Quiet Morning ~ Odell Lake ~ Calm

Been fishing with my sister, Diana, and brother-in-law, Les, at Odell Lake, which is right at the summit of Willamette Pass (Hwy. 58) in Oregon, USA.


A big lake, when the wind picks up it can get mighty choppy.  Yesterday morning all was calm.  We had a good catch — 16 nice sized Kokanee (Silver) Trout.  Jello and I head back home today with lots of warm memories!

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3 Responses to Quiet Morning ~ Odell Lake ~ Calm

  1. makingcamp says:

    Gave me a calm moment in a hectic day.

  2. Very nice…This image definitely conveys that sense of calm. Cheers =)

  3. Lindy Le Coq says:

    Thank you! It is a lovely place and this was early morning. I appreciate you liking and commenting on my posts!

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