~ A Bushel of Bushtit ~ Friday Flyers ~

Be it bird, bug, butterfly, leaf, seed or cloud – if it is something from nature that’s in the air, it’s a Friday Flyer!

Perhaps because they are so small, Psaltriparus minimus always arrive in a crowd  of family and friends.  Referred to simply as bushtit, it is one of the smallest passerines* in North America:  4″ (11 cm) long, weighing barely .20 oz. (5-6 g). Their coloration is muted grey and buff and doesn’t change significantly from season to season. Females have distinctive yellow eyes, while the males eyes are black.

With their characteristic “spit” “spit” call, American bushtit frequently assemble in my holly tree and besiege the suet feeder with relish!

*A notable feature of passerines (Passeriformes) is the arrangement of their toes, three pointing forward and one back, which facilitates perching. More than half of all bird species are Passeriformes.


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1 Response to ~ A Bushel of Bushtit ~ Friday Flyers ~

  1. dian935 says:

    They’re so cute 🙂

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