~ Sunday Sailors ~ Birds in the Bay ~

This pair of Harlequin Ducks worked the shoreline right in front of the deck at cabin 1.

Harlequin Ducks

Harlequin Ducks

After sundown, a pair of Pacific Loons appeared with an escort — a Herring Gull. The gull floated on the surface, unfazed and unflappable as the two loons worked the waters, always returning within eyesight of their attendant.

A flock of Canada Goose flew north across the bay, honking and making a racket, while one, still in the water, paddled like crazy to catch up with them!

At the end of the day the Thayer’s Gull screeched at me, as I sat on the deck. Then it gave me a nasty look, a final farewell cry and flapped off for the night.

An early morning Cormorant dried its wings in this morning’s slight breeze. All is well.

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2 Responses to ~ Sunday Sailors ~ Birds in the Bay ~

  1. Very nice!
    A lot of paleontologists think that most of the birds that survived the cretaceous extinction where water oriented birds.

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