~ Friday Flyers ~ Cormorant vs. Mew Gulls ~ WPC – (Extra)ordinary ~

Last Tuesday I posted shots of two Double-crested Cormorants — one perched on a buoy, and the other floating by on a piece of driftwood. Today I offer the prelude to that sequence. P1050435

A small colony of Mew Gulls floated along with the tide on their driftwood island, while the Double-crested Cormorant remained vigilant but unfazed by their presence

Suddenly the Cormorant began acting in a threatening way, and soon another Cormorant paddled into the scene.

With one lunge the marauding Cormorant crashed the gull party, and claimed the driftwood as his own. Amazing to watch!

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “(Extra)ordinary.”

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