~ Winter to Spring ~ Tuesday Two by Two ~

Since February 2 is my birthday, I’ve paid attention to the traditions surrounding this date. Growing up in climates where winter was cold and snowy, it seemed that even on overcast days the sun would appear long enough for me to see my shadow.

A groundhog from the start, now I think of this day as the tipping point — a fulcrum that slides us through late winter and settles us into early spring. Time to plan the coming gardens. Wishing everyone a happy late winter and merry early spring.

USA & Canada – Groundhog Day, The Gaelic festival – Imbolg (i-MOLG) and Christian festival – Candlemas, all have rituals marking this time of year.

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3 Responses to ~ Winter to Spring ~ Tuesday Two by Two ~

  1. Marcellus Mabry says:

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Hope you had a good birthday

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