~ Valentine’s Greetings from Jello ~

Wishing you sweetness and love on this Valentine’s day! IMG_4610

 Saint Valentine (269 AD) defied Emperor Claudius the second who had issued an edict prohibiting the marriage of young people so that young men might be better warriors. Valentine risked his life to sanctify marriages secretly. He was caught, imprisoned, tortured and sentenced to a three part execution of a beating, stoning, and finally decapitation. Sad end for such a noble effort.

Whitefriars Street Church is one of three churches that claim to house the remains of Valentine. Today, many people make the pilgrimage to the church to honor the courage and memory of this Christian saint. (cbn.com)

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3 Responses to ~ Valentine’s Greetings from Jello ~

  1. Creighton Le Coq says:

    This is really sweet. clc

  2. JANE says:

    Lindy, I did not know this story. Thank you for the history, and all those adorable vintage Valetines💕💖😘

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