~ Rough-skinned Newt ~ Cee’s Fun PC – Things That are Rough ~

When I spotted this critter on the trail at Cape Disappointment, I knew it was from the salamander family. It didn’t move, as I crept closer with my iPhone to snap these shots. (I’d already drained the battery in my Lumix!)


Rough-skinned Newt

A web search at the Burke Museum, helped me identify this as a Rough-skinned Newt (Taricha granulosa), found in Washington state west of the Cascades. Always wanting moisture, this newt can be found on land away from water, as in this setting. The silver iris in its eyes cinched the identification. I also learned that this is the most poisonous newt in Washington, as their toxins “can cause mild skin irritation, but can cause severe symptoms if ingested, including paralysis and/or death.” Luckily, Jello had passed right by without even sniffing it!

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2 Responses to ~ Rough-skinned Newt ~ Cee’s Fun PC – Things That are Rough ~

  1. Very cute! Yes… keep Jello away from these for sure!

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