~ Lovey Doves ~ Weekly Photo Chalenge – One love ~

For the past few years a pair of Mourning Doves have made our backyard part of their spring to fall habitat. They are such sweet birds. All afternoon into this evening, they gleaned in the primrose rock garden, drank at the water feature and attended to one another.


“The mourning dove is monogamous and forms strong pair bonds. Pairs typically reconvene in the same area the following breeding season, and sometimes may remain together throughout the winter. However, lone doves will find new partners if necessary.” Wikipedia

One Love

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6 Responses to ~ Lovey Doves ~ Weekly Photo Chalenge – One love ~

  1. I didn’t know that! I just thought they ‘bumped’ into all the lady birds! Good show dove, good show. The garden is beautiful. Is it your doing??😊

  2. Excellent! Many of the more intelligent birds, such as geese, parrots, and macaws, are also largely monogamous. (A lack of intelligence with some of my brother-in-laws explains a lot!) 🙂

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