~ Weekly Photo Challenge – Face ~

Garden sculpture at Olga Pottery, Orcas Island, Washington USA.

My maternal grandmother lived with us the last years of her life. She liked to sit on the piano bench while the family gathered to watch television. By nine o’clock, grandma was nodding off. In 1966, I was a high school junior learning to make continuous line drawings.

Grandma T

Self-portrait on the screen of my MacBook Air!



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6 Responses to ~ Weekly Photo Challenge – Face ~

  1. Lindy Le Coq says:

    Thanks, Tom! I have it framed and with my gallery of family photos.

  2. The one of your grandmother is wonderful! It’s amazing what one can do with just a line.

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  4. I still see your smiling eyes in that last pic😊 and the line drawing is a great piece of art. I have tried it before but it’s just not my thing.

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