~ Weekly Photo Challenge – Partners ~

This challenge comes just after my annual lunch date with “the gang,” four counselors who were colleagues, collaborators and friends for many years when we worked together at Evergreen High School.  Along with assisting many students through the rough waters of their teenage years, we supported one another through personal hardships — and we still do.

2008-06 EHS counselors 001

John Wellman, Lindy Le Coq, Ruth Stone-Scheer, Greg Merrill

IMG_0503 - Version 2

Ruth, Lindy, Greg, John


Greg, Lindy, John, Ruth


John, Ruth, Greg, Lindy

Love you guys!



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5 Responses to ~ Weekly Photo Challenge – Partners ~

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  2. Colorful beings (even in the absence if hair color 🙂 )

  3. So glad you are surrounded by amazing humans who love and support you Lindy!

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