~ At Jocelyn’s Cabin In The Woods ~


Priest Lake, Idaho

Jocelyn met us in Newport and we drove in tandem to her cabin. Her husband is working so he can’t be here, and both children are grown and making their way in life. Jocelyn and I met when we both served on the board of directors for the Washington Education Association. We nurtured our friendship at all the meetings and events, then expanded it to visiting one another in our homes whenever we could. Coming to her cabin has been an open invitation for many years, and we are all happy that we could work it out this time!

After getting settled in, Jocelyn took us to Hill’s Resort and then Elkin’s, where we relaxed outside with drinks, a refreshing breeze and lovely vista.


Cheer’s from Elkin’s Resort on Priest Lake, Idaho!

Then we fixed dinner at the cabin and talked until bedtime!

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4 Responses to ~ At Jocelyn’s Cabin In The Woods ~

  1. Neat cabin and area! So good that you could get together again! 🙂

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