~ Shady Pines Resort – Conconully, Washington ~


When I was in grade school, my parents would bundle us kids into the pickup with camping gear and fishing boat, and drive from Wenatchee to ‘Harry’s Resort’ (now Shady Pines) on Conconully Reservoir, near Omak.


My memories of those times are of fun with my family, fishing, exploring up the creek with my brother and sister, and looking for frogs and pollywogs along the shoreline.

 It is still a peaceful place; family oriented, quiet and small.

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3 Responses to ~ Shady Pines Resort – Conconully, Washington ~

  1. My father took us there all the time!!! We use to put our camping cam hairs right in the shallows on hot summer days and sit and listen to the birds, the breeze. It’s still as beautiful as I remember. Thank you for sharing this with us.💜

  2. It seems to be a wonderful place. Beautiful photos!

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