~ Rising Mist ~ Weekly Photo Challenge – Morning ~

Early morning in the Oregon Cascade Mountains breaks fresh and bracing. Mist rises, as the sun crests the eastern ridge and pours its warmth into the marshy margins of Crescent Creek.




Sun rays slant through the pines, as Jello sniffs the tracks of critters.

Thanks to Cheri Lucas Rowlands for suggesting this week’s challenge:  Morning

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11 Responses to ~ Rising Mist ~ Weekly Photo Challenge – Morning ~

  1. Great nature pics, Lindy!
    Our little (elderly) Gabbie must depend a lot more on smell… she is mostly blind and her hearing isn’t the best either. She, fortunately, is doing quite well really!

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  3. Amazing images! I like your shadow in the first one.

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  5. Tina Schell says:

    Love these Lindy – especially the misty shots. We were just there. So beautiful

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