~ Wordless Wednesday ~ Another Misty Dawn ~

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7 Responses to ~ Wordless Wednesday ~ Another Misty Dawn ~

  1. Janice says:

    Beautiful photos. I love mornings outside but don’t get out early very often lately. Your photos are a reminder.

  2. Tina Schell says:

    These are lovely Lindy – mist is one of my favorite subjects for photography. Like Janice I’m not much for mornings so mists are usually cleared by the time I get around to shooting LOL

  3. Rebecca says:

    Where do you live? I would love to be able to walk out my door to this scene.

    • Lindy Le Coq says:

      I live in Vancouver, Washington — however this scene is where I spend a week on vacation and sometimes a few days just relaxing. It is on highway 58 at the summit of Willamette Pass in Oregon, about a 4 hour drive from my home — not quite out the back door!!!

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