~ Willow Remnant ~ WPC: Surprise ~

Yesterday I began to clean up the garden where once a massive, native, Pacific Willow stood. After the wind-storms this winter, I’m thankful we had the tree cut down last fall. Rotting in the middle, it already was listing over the fence and had it not been removed, it would have crashed across two fences and into two neighbor’s yards.


As I  worked in the space, intending to make it accessible to have the stump ground, I was surprised to find I liked this remnant. Instead of obliterating it, I’ve decided to make it a feature. The vine maple will be able to stay too — a tree/shrub I love for it’s graceful leanings!


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7 Responses to ~ Willow Remnant ~ WPC: Surprise ~

  1. susurrus says:

    Good idea – tree stumps and snags can be very beautiful.

  2. Fun with the hollow middle too!

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  4. Janice says:

    That’s a great idea preserving what remains 🙂

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