~ Mid-Spring at The Breakers + WPC: Earth ~

After three weeks away, much is changing in the marshland between our condominium and the beach. Though rains continue to sweep through the region, the spread of the water is decreasing.


View from our deck 4/24/17

The Mallard couple we watched before, now have a brood of fledges around 1-2 weeks old. When I saw her sitting on the nest, I wondered what she was doing– if you look closely there’s a second little head in the reeds!



See the fledging near her tail feathers?

“Within a week after hatching, Mallard ducklings double their weight…their thick down keeps their skin dry when they’re swimming, but they get cold easily at first, so the mother broods them frequently during the first two weeks.”



“Able to feed themselves, Mallard ducklings don’t beg from their mothers. From the time they leave the nest, they peck at dark spots and small objects; the mother’s job is to bring them to the best feeding areas and protect them.”

Into The Nest, Erickson & Reed; Storey Publishing 2015 (www.storey.com)

Photo Challenge: Earth

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2 Responses to ~ Mid-Spring at The Breakers + WPC: Earth ~

  1. Olga says:

    Wonderful photos, Lindy. ❤

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