~ Beach Birds & Shadows ~ Cee’s B&W-PC: Shadows ~

These Dowitchers seemed unfazed when I walked toward the flock as they fed at the ocean’s edge, August 30. I had no idea what bird they were until after I was back in the cabana with my reference books — either Long-billed or Short-billed Dowitcher.

Version 2

Lymnodromus scolopaceus or Limnodromus griseus ~ August 30, 2017

One of the few ways to distinguish between the two is that “Long-billed flocks keep up a constant soft chatter, while Short-billed flocks are silent.” (Sibley)

It seems they were murmuring as the waves washed in and I approached but I can’t say for sure — next time I’ll pay attention!

Version 2

When Jello and I take our early morning walk at Long Beach, there’s always something imprinted in the sand that draws my attention.  Here are three examples with nice shadows.

Version 2Version 2Version 2

Thanks to Cee for giving me reasons to play with my photographs!



The Sibley Field Guide To Birds of Western North America, David Allen Sibley

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4 Responses to ~ Beach Birds & Shadows ~ Cee’s B&W-PC: Shadows ~

  1. Nice series…… where would we be without shadows 🙂

  2. JANE says:

    I think you hit on the most important quality Nature asks of us…. to pay attention…
    This is a lovely post, Lindy

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