~ Resource ~ WPC: Repurpose ~

A few years ago I resurrected the storage shed enough to call it the cottage!

This spring it was overdue for a facelift. I looked around at potential replacements,  but decided to use some old cedar fence-boards I’d saved — et voila — resource repurposed to cedar siding for the cost of a few nails!


The outside decor also is repurposed: a grape crate, cider-press basket, and metal stays from wine barrels that had been converted to planters and disintegrated over time! My parents were game hunters and before Dad died, I adopted his/their collection of antlers — this seemed a perfect place to feature one.


When we bought the Long Beach condo, this driftwood ball was the living-room lamp shade.


It cast wonderful shadows, but just didn’t fit our aesthetic vision and desire for diffused lighting. Though we loved it as a work of art, it was a lousy lampshade! 


Now it is a featured work of art in the garden. Every time I see it, I smile!


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4 Responses to ~ Resource ~ WPC: Repurpose ~

  1. JANE says:

    Well done, Lindy!!! How wonderful you had enough materials to reside the entire shed. It’s a handsome building to showcase the other pieces and to hang an important memory ❤️

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