~ A Week At Long Beach – Sunday + WPC: Transformation ~

We arrived Sunday afternoon to pelting rain, but that didn’t keep Jello and me from our ‘arrival’ walk to the beach — her reward for being a patient traveler and then waiting for her people to get our gear out of the truck and into the condo!


With my big umbrella to fend off the downpour, we trotted along the Discovery Trail. Just as we reached the beach it stopped raining!  Jello streaked and romped while I drank in the beauty of the ocean breakers — light and sky — and breathed the fresh salty air.  Sadly, we came across a lifeless harbor seal that had washed ashore, likely a victim of the stormy surf.


As we returned to our condo, the sunset reflected in ponds that are starting to form in the meadow grassland.



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