~ A Week At Long Beach ~ Thursday ~

This morning I awoke early and made the mistake of turning on TV news. Within a half hour my frame of mind matched the grey skies outside, so I turned media off.  Though my mood lightened, my senses had been tainted — even the morning walk with Jello started out with a tinge of sadness.


This afternoon we ventured farther north along the beach than we have ever gone before — to a root-ball that has been a fixture in the distance for months.


My goal was to take some shots framed by the tangle of roots — I believe it’s always healthy to see the world through serendipitous perspectives!

And sometimes the day has flashes of brilliance and silver-linings in store.


I’m just standing here with a camera that can capture it!

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6 Responses to ~ A Week At Long Beach ~ Thursday ~

  1. I love these atmospheric photographs and I make sure I always read or watch something positive after watching or reading the news before going out – http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org is a lovely antidote 💜

  2. This series has been interesting, seeing how your mood changes along with the setting.

  3. I tell Marla to turn the news off; it’s too bleak and depressing! 🙂

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