~ WPC: Smile ~

When I walk the trails between The Breakers and the Pacific Ocean, I am filled with a sense of wonder and discovery. There is always something different or new to hear and see.


Like this bird perched on top of a Shore Pine Tree, singing insistently! It was a drizzly morning, so I only had my iPhone camera. Still the shots were good enough that I could identify the bird later – White-crowned Sparrow. Oh what a smile his song gave me!


Several Mallard couples have worked out their territories within the marsh, but I could tell one of these pairs was not Mallard.  As the intruders rapidly swam away from the residents, I snapped photos with my cell in hopes I could identify them later.

Version 2

This was another “first sighting” for me. Though it’s quite likely that I have seen these birds some other time/place in my lifetime, what makes this special is that on this occasion, I was able to identify the pair as Hooded Mergansers – female left, male right. That makes me smile!


“It has to be Greater Yellowlegs,” I thought as I watched this beauty working the edge of the pond. I photographed (and identified) one last year – in about the same location. Not being absolutely sure I was right would haunt me though – so I snapped photos as I observed the rocking motion it made as it stepped forward. No doubt about it – Greater Yellowlegs!



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3 Responses to ~ WPC: Smile ~

  1. JANE says:

    Excellent reasons to smile, Lindy. The Yellow legs makes me smile- great sightings!

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  3. Lindy Le Coq says:

    Nothing like being out in nature to sooth the soul and re-center🌿

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