~ Doublefile Viburnum ~ WPC: Prolific ~


Three years ago I started adding Viburnum shrubs to my gardens. They are maturing now and this spring several of the doublefile viburnums are blooming! 


The tiny buds are just beginning to open. With the forecast of more sunny days, by this weeks end these will be quite lovely.


“Besides having attractive foliage and growth habits, the best viburnums also offer lovely—sometimes even fragrant—flowers. Many also boast colorful fruits and stunning fall foliage. In addition, the fruits are appealing to birds and other wildlife.”  Ken Twombly http://www.finegardening.com/article/viburnums-are-versatile-shrubs


The blossoms are held upright along the shrub’s outstretching branches and with each year will become even more prolific.


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