~ Beach Walk Sights ~ WPC: Liquid ~

Weather and tide shape the landscape of every walk I take along the beach. Birds, folks, critters and flotsam observed along the way add context and generate questions about the ever-changing scene.


“By-the-wind sailors”  Velella velella (see description below)

Over the past year my understanding and appreciation of migratory and resident birds that spend part of their life-cycle here has steadily grown.


Northern Harrier

Though sometimes not in crisp focus due to movement and distance, these photos are a small gallery of some of the birds I’ve observed this past week at Long Beach.


Breeding Western Gull




Immature Brown Pelicans


Juvenile Bald Eagle


Mature Bald Eagle calling


Adult non-breeding Sanderling

I remain in absolute awe of nature on this lovely little planet Earth. Please do your part to protect and defend her!

“Velella velella – this hydroid polyp remains afloat on the suface of the Pacific Ocean for most of its life. It never touches or even comes close to the ocean bottom, and the only stage in its life when it is completely submerged under water is the larval stage. The Velella velella begins its life in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, is brought by the wind to the shores, and is usually cast up on a beach where it dies and disentegrates. The Velella are most common on the high seas, in the warmer regions of the Southern and Northern Hemispheres.  (Russell-Hunter 1979)(Ricketts, et al 1997)” Animal Diversity Web (ADW)


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7 Responses to ~ Beach Walk Sights ~ WPC: Liquid ~

  1. Makes me miss the sea. Being English, I have salt water in my veins and I need to dip myself periodically. Been too long! Beautiful shots.

  2. Wow! Some driftwood pieces can bring good money in the aquarium trade! 🙂

  3. Beach walks never fail to provide something of interest, even if it’s the time of thoughtful reflection.

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