~ Lens-Artists Weekly Photo Challenge #17: Just For Fun ~

Going for our walk, whether at home or at the beach, is when Jello get’s excited! We have a game that includes her stealing one of my socks as I get them out of the drawer, then dashing around the house throwing it into the air, and finally taking it downstairs where she pretends to eat it!


Before I even have my shoes on, I’m laughing aloud, and all kinds of ‘happy endorphins’ are coursing through me! In our neighborhood, many people walk or run, and dogs on leashes take their humans out to explore 🐾


This little fairy fantasy appeared last spring under a neighbor’s spruce tree, across the street. We don’t know who created it, however it appears to be cared for, as the tiny hamlet remains upright and tidy!


One of my favorite ways to decorate is using the season’s theme plus plants that accentuate the effect. This neighbor consistently provides great displays along the fence in front of his property. More fun, more smiles, more happy endorphins!


Who knows what might emerge from the undergrowth in our damp Pacific Northwest autumn!


After our walk, my favorite “spooks” welcome us home with more smiles! 

Cheers to fun – in its many guises!


Lens-Artists Weekly Photo Challenge: #17 Just For Fun

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6 Responses to ~ Lens-Artists Weekly Photo Challenge #17: Just For Fun ~

  1. Jello sounds lie lots of fun. What an awesome name, too.

  2. Lol. Fun post. Very nice pics.

  3. Jello is such a joy. Our favorite game with Junior is in the pool (sadly, the season is over). I toss a beach ball to him from the pool, and he, standing on the edge, bats it back with his nose. He’d do it for hours, and it always makes me laugh. Need all the happy endorphins I can get right now.

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