~ Lens-Artists Challenge #20 – Open Sesame: Doors and Doorways ~

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.”

Joseph Campbell

It comes as no surprise that I have very few photos of doors in my archives!  However, I do have a few choice pieces I’m delighted to share in response to another fun Lens-Artist Challenge, this one from Tina.


This virtual doorway, invites us to drive-up for some take-out clam chowder! What a classic coastal work of folk art this is. Wonder how long before it is gone?



North Head Lighthouse went into service in 1898. It fell into disrepair and was closed to the public for many years, until a non-profit group raised funds to begin restoring it. Now open to the public once again, I was thrilled to visit the tower last July. To see my blog post from that visit, click here: https://lindylecoq.com/2018/06/15/view-from-inside-north-head-lighthouse/  To learn more about the lighthouse go to:  http://northheadlighthouse.com/history/



The moment I saw this bicycle sculpture in Sandpoint, Idaho’s downtown square, I was smitten. What a clever way to draw our attention toward the doorway to the public restrooms. The mural on the left wall is light and cheerful with a flock of bright butterflies and flowers floating away into the fields!  Every time I see this photo, I smile 🙂




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4 Responses to ~ Lens-Artists Challenge #20 – Open Sesame: Doors and Doorways ~

  1. Tina Schell says:

    LOVE the bicycle pointer!!! Excellent choices this week lindy

  2. Olga says:

    Enjoyed viewing all three of you photos. I agree with Tina that the bicycle/butterfly one is really unique and unexpected. The lighthouse is beautiful. ❤

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