~ FOTD ~ Seasonal Colors ~

When I snapped this photo last May, I was beguiled by the lovely red and gold blossoms held up on strong green stems. Today, while looking for an image for Cee’s FOTD challenge, I landed on this picture of Scotch Broom blossoms with their seasonal colors.


Though I know Scotch Broom is considered invasive, now I have learned it is considered a noxious weed in the state of Washington.

“It displaces native and beneficial plants, causing loss of grassland and open forest. It aggressively spreads to form monocultures, replacing desirable forage grasses and young trees. Seeds are toxic to livestock and horses.”

Looks I’ll be doing research into what resources are available to remove the Scotch Broom that is growing in our collectively owned dune property at The Breakers!


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