~ Lens-Artist Photo Challenge #32: Shadows ~

“The beginnings and ends of shadow lie between the light and darkness and may be infinitely diminished and infinitely increased. Shadow is the means by which bodies display their form. The forms of bodies could not be understood in detail but for shadow.”  Leonardo da Vinci


Stargazer Silhouette

shadows of leaves

Leaf Shadow Dance


Almost Empty Ferry.




Low Tide Sunrise

bench at doe bay

Doe Bay Bench

“Shadow is a colour as light is, but less brilliant; light and shadow are only the relation of two tones.”   Paul Cezanne

Thank you Tina, for this week’s Lens-Artist Photo Challenge!


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15 Responses to ~ Lens-Artist Photo Challenge #32: Shadows ~

  1. Amy says:

    Beautiful shadow collection! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  2. JANE says:

    Beautiful quotes and photos, Lindy. I’m anxious for the leaf shadow dances to begin again!

  3. Leya says:

    Lovely series of shadows – and the first one is my favorite. That vase is just great!

  4. Great collection of shadows 🙂

  5. pattimoed says:

    Beautiful set, Lindy. I love that empty ferry shot.

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