~ Lens-Artist Photo Challenge # 43: Less is More ~

Often when I’m out exploring and taking photos, a view will grab my attention even though there isn’t a primary focus, as in the picture below.

Version 2

After I’ve downloaded photos to my computer, I crop to enhance the original image, drawing the viewers eye to a point of interest, like the splashes of water in the cropped version below.

Version 10

This Turkey tail fungus grabbed my attention for its texture and color.


Taken with my iPhone, the original has many interesting possibilities. Below are three crops that make more of much by spotlighting specific features.

Version 3


This next photo is much improved by removing extraneous and distracting elements. 


The cropped version draws our eyes to the moon and horizon. 

Version 3

Sometimes a photo I snap in the field is ‘perfect’ just as it is. However, I am a wandering photographer, usually with a beagle pulling me ahead to discover the next view. I’ve learned to take pictures as I go and fix them up later. Not magic, but oh, with this technology, so easy to do!




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2 Responses to ~ Lens-Artist Photo Challenge # 43: Less is More ~

  1. I like the uncropped version of the first one better. I think all that texture in the foreground is interesting.

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