~ Lens- Artists Photo Challenge # 73: Cold ~

When sun shines on icicles, and they don’t melt, you know it’s cold out there!


When skies are clear, yet the sun doesn’t melt snow from the trees, it’s bitter cold.


My favorite frosty photo. Ice crystals forming on the surface of a small birdbath.

The weather in Vancouver, WA today is well represented by the above photo. Clear and sunny, with below freezing temps at night. Creighton, Jello and I have been enjoying warm wood stove fires in the evenings, and holiday decorating is in full swing.

To all who celebrate the autumn harvest of thanksgiving, cheers and blessings!



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14 Responses to ~ Lens- Artists Photo Challenge # 73: Cold ~

  1. Great shots…. snow and frost don’t have to look cold as you prove. 🙂

  2. pattimoed says:

    I love your last shot too, Lindy. Beautiful framing. Chilly, indeed!

  3. JohnRH says:

    Great photos. I like the tree, in particular.

  4. Olga says:

    Love the golden icicles, Lindy. Strangely warming in the cold scene. ❤

  5. Beautiful apparent abstract captures

  6. Leya says:

    Ah, just beautiful, cold and warm winter shots! I understand why the last one is a favorite – wonderful. Warm wood stove fires sounds just….the right thing!

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