~ Ruddy Turnstone ~

In response to my end-of year favorites post, Steve Morey of theoutershores blog, wondered what the Ruddy Turnstone I featured might be eating. Since I had were a few more nice snaps of the bird, here is a gallery.


“Ruddy Turnstones flip rocks, pebbles, and seaweed along shorelines in search of food. They rarely wade in waters more than a few inches deep, generally foraging out of the water where the surf deposits shells, rocks, and seaweed. During migration and on the wintering grounds they gather in groups of 10 to over 1,000. Ruddy Turnstones breed in the tundra of northern North America.” Cornell Lab of Ornithology.



Something (maybe me) startled this guy. Fortunately he settled down. In the below photo he spies something in the shallows


Looks like a small fish to me – maybe a herring fry.


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