~ Social Distancing Made Easy ~

As it turns out, my husband and I have been staying at our condominium in Long Beach, WA the past ten days, while the Corona virus pandemic has evolved. When Governor Inslee announced a “stay in place” order last Monday, we began making arrangements to do just that. This morning, Jello and I had the beach to ourselves on our walk.

north viewLooking north toward the tip of the peninsula, there is no one in sight.

south view

The view south to Cape Disappointment and North Head is also wide open.

cloud covered sun

This is one of those times when being an introvert is an advantage! Creighton and I both have our creative projects to keep us entertained, food and wine are readily available, and the view is lovely all the time – even in the rain!

Jello 2

Jello with her pal “Free Willy”

Wishing everyone well, as together we navigate a very difficult crisis.

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1 Response to ~ Social Distancing Made Easy ~

  1. Been hugging our dog Lola a lot! Crowds are for the birds! 🙂

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