~ Report from the Edge of a Continent ~

White-crowned Sparrow

Easter morning is sunny and calm. White-crowned Sparrows call from trees along the Discovery Trail, and an immature Bald Eagle sweeps above me with a fish in its talons. As I crest the berm to the beach, low tide and swishing waves invite a stroll along the shoreline to a beautiful, large piece of driftwood that came ashore overnight.

Version 2


Drifting along with my thoughts, I note how disconnected from time I feel. Hours wash onward, as a daily routine develops.

geese at sun down

The marsh shrinks, large flocks of geese fly north, and the Harrier hunts above the dunes.

harrier bigger 2

Wishing everyone safe harbor, as we navigate uncharted waters. 

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1 Response to ~ Report from the Edge of a Continent ~

  1. A walk in the marshes would be a real treat right now…. It will have to late 😊

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