~ Sunday Surprise ~

Sunday morning, while I was making coffee and getting ready for our walk, Jello started baying at the sliding glass door and trying like crazy to climb over it! The last time she made this kind of a ruckus, was when she saw a coyote in the meadow below our deck.


I ran to the living room, grabbed my LUMIX and was able to get a few shots of this American black bear as it made its way across the grasslands and disappeared into the trees. 

Version 2

Jello continued to bay from the deck, hackles on high, and expressing her disbelief that I wasn’t going to take her out on the chase that very minute!

Version 2

When we did get outside, Jello’s nose was very busy scanning the grasslands and trails for any trace of Ursus americanus. Luckily the bear was long gone by then!

Wishing everyone safe harbor as we navigate uncharted waters.


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1 Response to ~ Sunday Surprise ~

  1. What an amazing experience Lindy and please give Jello a big pat from us all 🧡

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