~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge 112 ~ Pick A Word ~



Jello loves it when we are at our beach condo. This is her favorite spot to rest and relax after a romp through the dunes!


If you follow my blog, you know I am a bird lover. This fledgling Downy Woodpecker waits on top of a suet feeder for mama to give it some of the good stuff.


A jumble of feathers, seaweed, branches and other flotsam caught my eye walking on the beach.


Crowds of people are not my favorite thing, so for this one I’ve chosen a crowd of Brown Pelicans. Any excuse to feature these incredible birds!


Last year a dear friend married her sweetheart. They were in high spirits as they completed their vows.

Wishing everyone safe harbor, as we navigate uncharted waters.🐾


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4 Responses to ~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge 112 ~ Pick A Word ~

  1. JohnRH says:

    Excellent selections. Well done. Jello knows comfortable!

  2. Prior... says:

    ahhhh – the wedding photo does have that exuberance and nice selections for each word, Lindy

  3. Leya says:

    Excellent gallery for the words, Lindy! Jello knows how to relax comfortably, and I love brown pelicans too. Exuberant is so wonderfully well caughty – I wish them to stay that happy!

  4. Correne says:

    Great photos. Jello is so sweet.

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