~ April Poetry Month ~ Daily Haiku and Social Commentary ~

These are not pretty. They are distillations of my observations and study of human behavior since I began to differentiate myself from others.

Unhinged - a series of haiku


many synonyms
for human insanity
subtle nuances


careful portrayal
in medical manual
no 'nutso' or 'bats'


out here in real world
deranged thinking goes postal
with guns, knives, autos

penis extensions
unbridled power to kill 
inflates crazed egos


if not genetic
this unbalanced behavior  
when does it begin? 

with the birth of pain
invisible soul bruises
unacknowledged trauma


compressed hidden hurt
amplified by daily life
a festering boil

gloms proof from mundane
fuels a growing conviction
which course will it take?


easy to find fault
self-blame brings on depression
road to suicide

simple to accuse
hold others accountable


just a normal guy
clutching his cauldron of bile
teeters on the edge

suddenly sees red
the instant his synapse snaps
madness takes over


bloodlust the sole fix
to quench a raging passion
scratch the crazy itch


alternative source:
rigid indoctrination 
unquestioned beliefs


engrained repression
natural impulse denied
labeled abnormal


pent-up frustration
lack of personal control
backfires in gunfire

to quell fiend within
or erase temptations source
death is the answer


parental abuse
of children and each other
molds relationships

survival instinct
drives actions and attitude 
demented vengeance  

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4 Responses to ~ April Poetry Month ~ Daily Haiku and Social Commentary ~

  1. judigoldberg says:

    seeing is important. so saying too. thanks

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