~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #142: “Life’s a Holiday on Primrose Lane” ~

Primroses bring delightful color and light to my rock garden in late winter on through the summer. Heading them and fertilizing, keeps their cheery faces blooming.

Inexpensive and sold as annuals at local grocery and hardware stores, I add to my primrose lane every year.

The double ruffled ones (above and the last two) are particularly pretty and quite hardy.

Primroses can get rather ‘dog-eared’ if not trimmed and tidied, but they bring a smile to my face very time I see them, so for me, they are worth the time it takes to care for them.

Thank you to Leya for this “You Pick It” challenge. To see her selection and the contributions of others, click the link below!


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6 Responses to ~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #142: “Life’s a Holiday on Primrose Lane” ~

  1. Leya says:

    The double ruffled ones – yes, so pretty! Your lovely gallery of primroses brightetned my day, Lindy!

  2. Tina Schell says:

    Once again I’ve learned something from your post Lindy. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen these little beauties before and if I have I’ve not recognized them, so thanks for that! I especially loved the delicate little white and yellow variety in your next to last image

  3. Amy says:

    These flowers are pretty. I’m not familiar with them, but they look very special. Thank you for the lovely tour of your garden, Lindy. 🙂

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