~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #149 – Cool Colors – Blue and Green ~

Wrap yourself in the stillness of blue ~

settle into its soft calm ~

drift along with its infinite possibilities ~

to that place of peace within.

Step lightly into the freshness of green ~

feel the gentle touch of graceful grasses ~

rest your eyes on lush abundance ~

breathe-in the spicy fragrance of majestic trees.

Thanks to Tina for this challenge!


Wishing everyone safe travels as we navigate outward once again. Please stay safe.🐾

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3 Responses to ~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #149 – Cool Colors – Blue and Green ~

  1. JohnRH says:

    WOW. Excellent selections. Superb.

  2. Tina Schell says:

    Your images are beautiful as always Lindy – but somehow your captions this week especially captured my heart. Lovely post.

  3. A calming image… fresh airband wild space, relax 😃

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