~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #160: Your Inspiration ~

This week Patti asks us to explore what inspires us personally. Of course, I could simply say Nature, however I made myself dig a little deeper. What in nature pulls that cord of imagination, what stirs me to delight?

Light ~ natural light…

…bright light, diffused light, blue skies.

Colors ~ all colors…

…intense shades, tender tones, happy hues.


…cool fresh streams…

…roaring waterfalls…

…bracing ocean waves…

…gentle splashes.

Birds ~ in the wild…

…and at my feeders.

In conclusion, I am also inspired by human kindness; a hand when needed, a smile and wave, a warm hello hug. In the absence of human contact, I am comforted and encouraged by Beagle love; a wagging tail, gentle eyes, a nudge to go for a walk.

Please mask-up again, even if you are inoculated. It’s hard to go through this upsurge after the hope the virus was under control. Wishing everyone safe travels – be kind and stay safe.🐾


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3 Responses to ~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #160: Your Inspiration ~

  1. pattimoed says:

    Hi, Lindy. Your gallery is wonderfully inspiring. There are so many stunning images here. I was also moved by your choice of Human Kindness. Yes, it is so true. It is inspiring. And beagle love made me smile. I’ve always said it would be wonderful if our human relationships were as uncomplicated and loving as our relationships with our pets!! And yes, I agree. Wearing masks is showing consideration and caring for others… Take care and have an inspiring weekend.

  2. Amy says:

    Lovely this postcard series, Lindy! Beautiful and stunning images of native. Inspiring!

  3. Ralph Becker says:

    Well done! You’ve intensified.

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