~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #168: Seen Better Days ~

Oh, my – Tina has me pegged! When I was in high school I loved to go to old buildings near our farm and draw various aspects of them. My affection for once useful structures and other stuff that has fallen into disrepair is still alive and well.

The Sanctuary – Chinook, WA

This historical building was originally a Methodist Church and parsonage built in 1916. More recently it was the site of the Sanctuary Restaurant and Antique store. Purchased a year ago, I have high hopes it will be restored to its original charm.

Bleached Timbers – Miller Lake, OR

These tall trees have certainly seen better days! Still, there is something alluring about their stark trunks lying in the clear water, and bleached roots reaching toward the forested hills.

Repairs at the Breakers

There are four wooden structures that house the condominiums of the Breakers. Originally constructed in the late 1970’s they are still solid and in good condition. Being in a constant Pacific Ocean marine environment, sometimes parts of the structures need to be replaced. These two workers were at the third floor level, just outside our window where I was able to take snaps of them removing the pole and setting a new one it place.

Left – rotted pole being taken away. Middle – new pole being set into place. Right – securing new pole to structure. In the center photo you can see blue poles along the front of the building in the background.

Being a fishing and ocean-going community, rope often ends up washed onto the beach. Over time, people (like me) who remove trash, have draped rope over a post beside the trail from the beach to the Breakers. It is a colorful display, often with buoys and abandoned flip-flops tied into the mix!

Along our trails are benches for folks to sit on and rest. After walking by them many times and seeing them in disrepair, I asked management/maintenance if I could have permission to screw them back together and paint them. It was an easy job, and once done, so gratifying to see people using them again. Wish I’d thought to take an “after” photo!

Wishing everyone safe travels. Please be kind and stay safe.🐾

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12 Responses to ~ Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #168: Seen Better Days ~

  1. Ralph Becker says:

    Nice color shot! You know the ropes.

  2. Tina Schell says:

    Wonderful examples Lindy – Must say I cannot believe you didn’t show us the finished table/bench! Loved the ropes especially

    • Lindy Le Coq says:

      I’ll correct that when I get out to the beach next week! I looked through all my photos of Jello, the dunes, people walking along the paths – nothing! Usually I’m a before/after fanatic!!!

  3. Nice photos. I like that skein of old rope

  4. These are all beautiful ..,,and I love these bleached timbers.

  5. JohnRH says:

    Nice photos Lindy. I like the pole replacement and the colorful rope in particular.

  6. How nice that your condo is properly maintained! I love the ropes, too!

  7. Sue says:

    I have always loved old stuff, so these are right up my street!

  8. Amy says:

    Love your take on, Lindy! That is a lot of construction work to maintain the condo. The image of the rope is my favorite!

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